X-Ray Application, Database, System and Network Logs

Monitor any type of Log File regardless of Format or Size, Centralize the management of log alerts on several nodes, Easily configure automated alert notifications on Single and/or Multiple Logs. Use just ONE Tool for a variety of log monitoring related functions...i.e. alerting on errors, grepping through log data via Date Ranges, monitoring Log Timestamp/Updatetimes, Log Growth, Log size...and much, much more! Installs cleanly on all Unix systems without requiring any additional or foreign modules, packages or libraries!

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The Power You Need, with Great Flexibility

Here at logrobot.com, we believe log monitoring does not have to be complicated and we've gone out of our way to ensure that it isn't.

LoGrobot (now known as logXray) was built to keep things simple and to address the direct needs of the everyday unix user. With just a simple one-liner, you can do anything you want; monitor log content, create excel reports from log records, graph any log file metric (size, update times, growth, error patterns, new entries...etc), perform automated analysis and comparison of current data to previous data, auto isolate unusual trends, auto detect log type, monitor directories and directories of logs, get a feel for how well your applications, databases, networks and systems are performing, all in just a glance!

  • Unique design - Built to address the day to day needs of unix users
  • Everything you'll ever need to monitor log files however you want
  • Tons of time saving & labor eliminating features
  • Updated frequently with new capabilities / optimization of existing
  • Easy to use, customize and personalize for different scenarios / situations

Apache / HTTP log monitoring

Alert, Report, Graph Apache Access logs - Pull out as much information as you wish from access / http log files. Alert on the number of entries containing specific status codes. Graph all status codes...automatically.

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Monitoring Log File Time Stamp

If you have log files that need to be monitored in a very specific way, email us to request custom development - All customers get 2 FREE requests for customization with purchase of LoGrobot.

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Custom Monitoring Agent

If you do not have Nagios, Zabbix, Zenoss or any similar monitoring application installed in your environment, that's ok. You will still be able to monitor remote log files with our custom monitoring agent, which is included in the logXray package.

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Monitoring dynamic log files

Monitor and alert on dynamic Logs - Take into account log rotation and monitor accordingly. Dynamic logs are log files that change names frequently..i.e. every minute, hour or daily.

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Check logs for Expected events

Monitor log files for expected record of events - send alert notifications if those events are not found in the latest scan of all new entries added to the log!

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Show offending log entries

Detailed Log Check Notifications - Whenever a log check detects entries from a monitored log containing the patterns you tell it to watch for, it will show all those lines in the alert notification it sends out to you. If you wish to only see the actual lines from the log that triggered the alert, add 'noextraoutput' to the logXray command.

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Show less information in alerts

Whenever a log check detects an issue in a monitored log, do NOT show the offending entries in alerts.

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Monitor Multiple Patterns

Use one check to monitor multiple patterns within a log file - set thresholds per pattern. Get alert notifications on a particular pattern if and only if the number of entries found containing that pattern is greater than the thresholds you specified.

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Graphing all log file metrics

Use graphical representations to view heartbeats of applications, databses, systems and networks. Automatically generate live graphs for all active log file checks - Access historical data on different facets within your environment.

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Log Monitoring Alerts

How do you wish to monitor your log files? No matter how unique your situation is, if you can describe it, LoGrobot will do it for you. Here are just some of the many tasks you can perform with LoGrobot;

(1). Monitor log content for the presense of known or unknown errors

(2). Monitor log content and alert if an expected pattern is NOT found in it

(3). Monitor the frequency of user account loggings (without having to know or specify any user name)

(4). Monitor and alert only if a value of a specific column in a log file breaches user-defined thresholds

(5). Alert on anomalies that could indicate an unhealthy system, an unstable application or hack attempts

(6). Watch for a specific string and when found, show X amount of lines that came BEFORE & AFTER the string.

(7). Monitor multiple patterns, multiple log files with just a simple one liner - no convoluted config files!

Create Color-Coded Spreadsheets on Log Data

Sometimes it helps to be able visualize numerical values in an easy to read color-coded report. LoGrobot has a reporting feature that allows users to specify a range of dates for which they'd like to generate a report.

Users can easily create reports on metrics received for a log file within the last X amount of time relative to the current date the report was ran (.i.e. 4 hours ago till now).

Users can also generate reports on the statuses of log checks between specific dates (.i.e. April 12, 14:30 to April 12, 16:05).

Visualize all Logging Activities in your Environment

To view graphical representations of all logging activities in your environment, you have options.

You can utilize our automated script to install graphite/grafana on a dedicated server in your network.

Or, you can send your log file metrics to us and we'll graph them for you. Don't worry, there are no complicated configurations for you to worry about. No system configs for you to tinker with.

All you have to do is add the graphing server IP (which we'll give you) to each log check you wish to have graphs generated for and that's about it.

Analyzing Log Data

Applications, databases, systems and network devices all provide a wealth of information in their respective log files. Making sense of this massive body of data is where a lot of people often find themselves struggling.

LoGrobot offers users the ability to visualize how the latest data of an application, database, system or network device compares to data received in the past hours, days, weeks or months. And this information can be used to either generate valid notification alerts or confidently make business decisions.

How do I get my hands on LoGrobot/logXray?

LoGrobot can be downloaded either through a subscription based plan or a one time payment. If you choose the subscription method, your paypal account or credit card will be automatically billed every month, quarter or year. If you pay by credit card a bill will be sent directly from us, or if you use PayPal it will be sent by them. You can list all payments and print invoices under Account -> Billing.

You may also obtain LoGrobot using a check, money order, wire or bank transfer. Due to the extra processing overhead involved we only accept yearly payments or one time payments with these methods.

60-day full refund

We offer a 60-day full refund so you can try out our service without worry.

Alerts & Notifications

Generate actionable notification alerts on just about anything...i.e. log content, log size, log growth, frequency of updates, anomalies in log update times and various other metrics.

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Analysis & Predictions

Get valuable insights on how your application, database, system or network is performing. Run very simple queries to show percentage increases or drops in various monitored metrics...i.e. number of error patterns for a particular application over the last month, or compare hourly, daily, weekly. Make accurate predictions using analysis of historical data.

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Automated Graphs / Charts

Automatically spring up various graphical representations of consolidated (or isolated) log activities in your environment. Aggregate multiple different log file metrics into a single screen so you can monitor them at a glance, identify anomalies with ease, avoid having to run several incantations of confusing commands.

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Automated Report Creation

Create color-coded reports on the statuses of past log monitoring checks, view hour to hour, day to day and week to week comparison of log data, identify unusual trends.

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Auto Resolve Function

Suppose you wanted to run a command or script when a pattern is found in one of your logs? How would you do that? This functionality allows users to monitor specific patterns in log files and to also set a command or script to run when the specified patterns are found...or NOT Found! Yes, it can be set to go to work in either scenario.

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Remote Monitoring Agent

There are several monitoring agents out there that can be utilized to monitor logs on remote machines. Most of these agents are expensive. But some are free. If you're not aware of, or are not using any agent, we'll provide you with one...for free. This agent will allow you to monitor as many logs as you want on as many hosts as you have access to.

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Advanced Tailing of Logs

Sometimes, it just isn't enough to tail a log file with a "tail -whatever-number". There are times when you may want to be very specific in the number of lines from a log to grab. This feature allows users to utilize timeframes when specifying how far back in a log file they want to look. For example, show me all entries written to this log within the last 2 hours. You'll get precisely that!

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Robust, Versatile, Customizable

Although LoGrobot was originally built to monitor log content, now, after so many different requests from different users, it does far more than that. It can monitor all logs in a directory, allow users to specify which logs to include or exclude, monitors log size, log growth, log time stamp, gives users the option to specify how many entries from logs are shown in alerts when thresholds are breached...and much, much more!

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Free Technical Support (1st month)

Get FREE 24/7 technical support in addition to an abundance of real world examples of how to do exactly what you're trying to do. Avoid having to take classes just to use a log monitoring tool, or spend an exorbitant amount of time scouring through lengthy confusing documentations. We will walk you through whatever process or procedure you need help with!

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What else can LoGrobot do for you? Ask Us!